Dr Margret (Malgorzata) Wolbinski

Dr Margret Wolbinski
  • Graduated from Gdansk Medical University in Poland in 1980
  • Eight years of working experience as a dental surgeon in Poland
  • Registered with New Zealand Dental Council in 1991
  • Practised dentistry for 14 years in Mana and Tawa
  • Established Paremata Dental Surgery in 2005
  • Member of New Zealand Dental Association

Priscilla Marina John - Dental Assistant

Jennifer Balfour
  • NCEA Level 2
  • Comprehensive First Aid Certificate level 2
  • Administration Course level 3
  • Kiwi Host Customer Service Course level 2

Personal Philosophy

I love dentistry and treating my clients to obtain the best results that modern dentistry can offer.

People are individuals. They value their teeth, smile, and looks differently. They each have a different understanding about the importance of functional healthy dentition. They also all have different financial priorities.

My role is to listen to the clients to identify their concerns, and then together we discuss the possible options to come up with the best results.

Cosmetic procedures such as composite restorations, porcelain veneers, crowns and orthodontic tooth movements are advised for crooked teeth with compromised aesthetics and functionality.

Bite restoration ...teeth that are worn down, discolored, malpositioned or trapped in crooked and damaging bites can be restored beautifully using modern technology. Firstly, a comprehensive treatment plan is tailored to specific individual needs. Next the bite is opened and the position of the lower jaw is established. Then the teeth are restored using direct and indirect tooth-colored materials (composites or ceramics), crowns, bridgework and implants. The natural healing capacities of the mouth are also considered. This is the modern trend in dentistry and the results are outstanding and in some cases amazing.

My profession is my passion. My practice is small, tranquil and very cozy.